2. weandthecolor:

    Personal Branding by Leonardo Gubbioni

    More of the personal brand identity on WE AND THE COLOR

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  3. zestmagazine:

    Rebecca Hakola   |   http://hakolastudios.com

    "The project’s ultimate purpose was to inspire the viewer to view the selected typeface in a new light. This design celebrates 90 years of Futura, and within its pages flaunts 20 style formats, that of which the first introduced by Paul Renner in the early 1900s. It is a "squeeky clean" approach to visual communication, and boasts a clinical style aesthetic that consists of one large A3 poster which encases collectors cards and a small information booklet. The stock used is waterproof and primarily designed for wear and tear by readers, as they learn more about Futura, one of the world’s most famous and commonly used typefaces."

    Rebecca Hakola is a recent graduate from the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual Communication. With a multidisciplinary approach to design and unique autonomy of thought and style, she is continuously developing her own formula for effective visual and literary communication through design. Every project she undertakes draws inspiration from her Scandinavian and Australian backgrounds, offering fresh and refined outcomes.



  5. design-is-fine:

    George Tscherny, graphic design for city guides, early 1970s. For Pan Am Airlines. source    

    (Source: villamorel.com)



  7. thedsgnblog:

    Cocolia   |   http://cocolia.cat

    "We created Barcelonaʼs Surf House corporate identity, where we made business cards using 2 inks, with the peculiarity that one of them was mixed with a phosphorescence pigment. 350Gr paper with rotogravure on the logotype."

    We are a graphic design studio that develops corporate identity, graphic communication, art direction, editorial, web, illustration, and art projects. We have a close relationship with our customers, we like to involve ourselves in every project and obtain the best possible results. 

    At the same time we elaborate personal projects that give us creative freedom. These exercises allow us to implement new techniques and visual results for future works.

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  8. alisonkatecarter:

    Identity and Signage for Linhas de Histórias | Campo | We and The Color

    Linhas de Histórias – SESC Belenzinho. Brazilian studio Campo created the identity, signage and printed pieces for the exhibition: “Linhas de Histórias”.


  9. escapekit:

    Barber Wedding Invites

    Sergey and Sandi Grigoryan were asked to create an invitation that showcased the bride and groom’s whimsical personalities in a modern approach with classical elegance. These letterpressed invites are two color with a blind hit for added texture and middle ground.

    (Source: underconsideration.com)


  10. type-lover:

    Transworld Surf Redesign
    by Wedge & Lever 


  11. boyache:

    Cover for Migrate Magazine




  14. thebackmatter:

    Eeli Kuoppa -viikot by Tuukka Sinisalo & Jaakko Veijola / Béhance


  15. type-lover:

    Il Cono d’Ombra
    by parcodiyellowstone